Shared RV Stuff

I’m on my third RV, a Heartland Sundance XLT fifth wheel and there have been many trials and tribulations that go along with owning an RV. I’ve learned a lot along the way and hope to share RVing information with you.  This is a list of sites, products I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me out or made me laugh.

I discovered LOLOHO after purchasing  “Long Long Honeymoon – Living Large in a Small Tin Can: Advice for Airstream / RV Travelers” kindle book.  I enjoy reading about others that are living the life I plan to live. Life on the road. Living in an RV.

LoverYourRV was discovered while searching youtube video’s on how to backup fifth wheel.  ANYONE LOOKING AT RV’S SHOULD WATCH THIS VIDEO   Know Your RV – while this is an in depth review of a Keystone Cougar, it also provides essential information on how ANY RV operates, what can go wrong and how to fix it.  Wish I would have seen this one before purchasing my first, second or even third RV.

Gone with the Wynns  is a young couple producing quality video’s of adventures;  buying, moving, living on an RV and more recently living on a sailboat.  One of the viewers describe the couple as “Barbie and Ken with the Mickey Mouse Club”.  After watching a few of their video’s I would have to say that description accurately describes this couple.