Lucy was a 12 week old puppy that was found, on July 1, 2017, huddling in a corner between two fences, on a major highway when I found her.

A few days after I had put up signs to locate her owner I was contacted by a woman who had Lucy’s sibling. She
said there were two puppies, huddled up to the fence but, they could only get one. The other bolted and they
couldn’t catch her.

After 10 days I found a nice family that wanted to give Lucy a home. A wonderful family with two girls. When Lucy
and the fourteen year old locked eyes, it was love at first sight. The smaller daughter was terrified. We all
expected the younger daughter to come around and get over her fear but, in all honesty, Lucy was almost as big
as she was. Lucy tried to play with the younger child and a week later Lucy was returned.

At this point I figured it was my karmic destiny to give Lucy a home. ¬†Lucy is so entertaining I’ve created a youtube channel
Featuring the antics of LUCY.