14 Oct

LYNDA.COM – there are no limits

If your like me, you dread using Adobe because of the massive learning curve. BUT, with Adobe products there is no limit to what you are able to achieve.

Struggling with WordPress/GoDaddy I decided to take a community college course (Web Design / HTML programming) at College of the Mainland (Texas City, TX).  I was a bit disappointed that the WordPress portion of the course had been dropped in favor of a more extensive HTML programming coarse.  The instructor was understanding but, asked me to give the course a few weeks before dropping.  Having finished 3 semesters of Web Design and HTML Programming  my websites have dramatically improved.

The Web Design/HTML classes I’ve taken at College of the Mainland have been augmented with online classes from Lynda.com and as a COM (College of the Mainland) student I was required to have a Lynda.com membership for the advanced Web Design classes.

Returning for my 4th Web Design class, this semester, I was surprised to see the WordPress and eCommerce portions of the class had been dropped in favor of online/HTML gaming.  I’m the odd student out, at 59 years old, amongst younger students ranging from 18-35 so, I didn’t have much of a vote when it came to the class development decision of what the class wanted to study.  HTML gaming won out with me being the only class member wanting to stick to the original class description.  After a few weeks (and many family issues later) I decided to try using the Lynda.com for the Photoshop courses I have so desperately needed whilst awaiting the next semester for COM to begin when I plan on starting the Photography/Photoshop/Illustrator classes.

At first I had a hard time making myself sit through the online videos for any length of time as something else, in the household, always needed to be done.  At home there are constant distractions from my Lynda.com studies. After a bit I discovered that if I did the online classes, first thing in the morning, before distractions diverted my attention, I was good for several hours a few days a week.

I am just finishing my third online class “Up and Running with Photoshop for Photography” and, once again, I’m amazed at all I am able to learn from a few hours a week with Lynda.com online classes.

These classes are cheaper than taking the classes at a community college and I am able to take them at my convenience.

With a little discipline there isn’t anything I can’t take on with Lynda.com.