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A roaming minstrel at heart, I love to travel and owning an RV allows me to experience all the glory that is the United States. There are always places and events I want to discover and experience and RVing allows me to do what I love most, travel and make music.

I purchased my first (new) Travel Trailer in 2009 from Demontrond RV. A 29′ foot Forest River Surveyor which taught me that owning a NEW travel trailer (as opposed to used) did not assure I had a working, trouble free unit.Forest River Surveyor

Having to file the “LEMON LAW” with Forest River before proper repairs were made assured that I had the worst “first time RV owner” experience and the selling dealership Demontrond RV did nothing to assist in rectifying (pun intended) the problems with my first travel trailer.

Heartland Edge 2011

My second Travel Trailer was a VERY SMALL 21′ travel trailer and while it was quite a step up from the Forest River (in quality and build) it was very cramped for 2 people as we soon learned when my partner and I were rained in at Chasuatta Gambling Casino for 3 days and had to stay in the 21′ Edge TOGETHER FOR 3 DAYS.

It is amazing that someone wasn’t killed (Cindy).

My third RV was a 28′ 5th wheel and the mounting problems with this unit were very reminiscent of the Forest River experience. Exterior walls had delaminated, roof membrane is disintegrated, air conditioners rattling, slid-outs scrapping etc.etc.. the list went on and on.

Heartland Sundance +Dodge Ram

Anyone buying a new RV should document, document, video record and take way too many pictures.  Save emails, receipts, and anything else having to do with your new RV, travel trailer or 5th wheel. Hopefully, you won’t need them but, they are very important to have if you do need them.

I love to video record my travels and RV’ing experiences as well as live performances when I entertain at the local RV Rallys, Nursing homes, art festivals or just making music and relaxing in my RV.  F

Follow me, the RVingMinstrel, as I travel the countryside making music as I go.